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The Eye Doctor Clinical InSights Newsletter; Dry Eyes

by Jessica Smith on

The Eye Doctor Clinical Insights; discussing if bacteria can damage your eyes by exacerbating dry eye disease and even cause blindness 🦠Click here to read the full newsletter. 

How The Cold Weather Can Affect Dry Eyes

by Kay Wright on

As the cold weather draws in, we remember to wrap up warm with extra layers but neglect the most delicate part of our body - our eyes. Winter...

How to treat a painful Stye and the best way to get rid of it, quickly!

by Jessica Smith on

Almost all of us have experienced a stye; a small, painful lump on your eyelid that creeps up on us every once in a while and causes extreme...

Back To Reality - Why Being Back In The Pub Means Dry Eyes

by Jessica Smith on

Dry eyes and its related problems are common eye complaints that you can usually treat at home. Since we’ve all been enjoying our return to some form of...

What Eye-Care Regime Do I Need?

by Jessica Smith on

In our recent post, we talked about what eye-care regimes are and how they can help, but we didn’t talk about why it’s important to make sure you...

Itchy eyes: causes and remedies to treat them

by Jessica Smith on

If your eyes ever become red, itchy and irritated, you’re not alone; millions of people in the UK battle with itchy eyes on a regular basis.  There are...

What is an eye care routine and why do you need one?

by Jessica Smith on

We’re no strangers to the rituals of nightly skincare routines, or taking good care of our hair with conditioner, masks and more, so what about something special to...

Five reasons you need an antibacterial eye mask

by Jessica Smith on

Eye masks are a commonly used treatment/aid for a multitude of eye complaints, including redness, irritation, tiredness, dye eyes and allergies. When treating these conditions, the material type,...

2020 Vision — Is Lockdown Permanently Impacting Our Sight?

by Amelia Wymer on

Despite the government's ‘roadmap from lockdown’ promising gradual easing of restrictions, our home offices look set to remain at least until 21 June, according to Boris Johnson —...

Why do my eyes feel gritty and irritated?

by Sam Wymer on

Dry Eye Disease is a common condition that occurs when your eyes don’t make enough tears or your tears evaporate too quickly. This can lead to your eyes...

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