What Eye-Care Regime Do I Need?

  • by Jessica

In our recent post, we talked about what eye-care regimes are and how they can help, but we didn’t talk about why it’s important to make sure you get the right one for you. That’s right, it isn’t one size fits all - some people need more intensive care for their eyes, while others may need a simple, daily routine that takes the edge off those tired, work eyes! 

Let’s first have a quick refresh of what the main elements of an eye-care routine look like.

What are the steps to an eye care routine? 

There are three simple steps to most eye regimes and they can be done simply and effectively at home. 

  1. Heat - using an Eye Doctor Premium mask, simply heat as per instructions and apply the mask. The heat will gently and effectively help soothe and release blockages in your glands, alleviating dryness and reducing irritation. 
  2. Clean - using Eye Doctor Eyelid Wipes that come with our premium mask, you can carefully remove the oils and debris released by the mask, safely. This helps to reduce the risk of recurring irritation and will leave your eyes refreshed.  
  3. Hydrate - now that your eyes are clean and refreshed, it’s time to hydrate them using our Intensive Relief or Daily Refresh drops, depending on your needs. These are specifically formulated, preservative free and safe to use with contact lenses.

Which eye care routine is right for me? 

You firstly need to know a bit about your own eye health. We have three different routines, each designed for different needs; there’s one for if you’re suffering with allergies, one for if you’re prone to mild dry eyes and a final one created for severe, persistent dry eyes. 

  • Me, Myself and Eye - Mild to moderate dry eye regime
  • Heat + Cleanse + Refresh

    The ‘Me, Myself and Eye’ routine bundle is perfect for mild to moderate dry eye. Designed to relieve tension in the eyes, soothe dryness caused by increased screen-time and cleanse the skin around your eyes. The perfect cocktail for treating and preventing various common eye complaints. 

    Bundle includes:

    - The Eye Doctor® Essential

    - The Eye Doctor Daily Refresh Eye Drops

    - Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes

  • All Eye Need - For severe or persistent dry eye  
  • Heat + Soothe + Hydrate

    The ‘All Eye Need’ bundle helps to relieve symptoms of various dry eye conditions. It soothes severely irritated, dry and burning eyes caused by central heating, air conditioning, dust and pollen, and gently cleans away debris from the eyelid for prime eyelid health.


    - The Eye Doctor® Premium

    - The Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops

    - Eyelid Wipes - Pack of 20 

  • Bee Mine - Ultimate allergy and hayfever regime
  • Relief at last! Our Bee Mine ultimate hay fever bundle makes it easier than ever to soothe itchy, irritated eyes! This regime will cool your eyes with The Eye Doctor Allergy Mask, relieve dryness with the Daily Refresh Drops and cleanse your eyelids with its 100% biodegradable Tea Tree Wipes, containing natural antibacterial properties. 

    Bundle includes:

    - Hayfever Eye compress

    - The Eye Doctor Daily Refresh Eye Drops

    - Tea Tree Wipes

    Whatever your eye care needs, we’ve got the regime for you. Incorporating eye and eyelid health treatments into your daily routine is key for keeping hydrated, happy eyes. Find out more about why you need to take care of your eyes like you would your skin or teeth in our latest blog post. 






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