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Find out more about the AB Reusable Anti-Bacterial Face Mask - stylish, but more importantly, effective in filtering up to 95% of non-oily, airborne particles.

The AB Mask FAQs

How long does each filter last?
How often should I wash my mask and with what?
How does the AB Mask protect me from bacteria?
What is the AB mask made from?
What are the AB Mask filters made from?
What is the difference between N95, KM95 and FFP2 types of mask?
Why are the new filters different?

Every AB Mask filter can be used for up to 40 hours each; this means each pack of filters you buy will provide you with as many as 200 hours of protection/use.

Because you have filters, you don’t need to change (or in this case wash your mask) as often as with others, however, we recommend you wash your mask at least once a week to keep it fresh. You can of course, wash it more often if you prefer. 

It’s really easy to do - simply give your AB Mask a gentle hand wash in the sink with warm water and your regular hand soap, rinse, then leave to dry.

We used a patented solution with silver technology which is added to the mask at the time of dying; this bonds with the fabric, does not come out when washed and cannot be breathed in or transferred onto the skin.

The AB mask is made from a polyester blend, which is then treated with our patented silver technology to provide antibacterial protection.

Our filters are made from five-layered Carbon Filter.

These describe the different mask certification standards and vary slightly by country. N95 is American, KM95 is Chinese, FFP2 is European. 

The new filters are bespoke to our mask, they are larger to offer more protection. Having our own type also means we can ensure our customers use the genuine filters rather than less effective versions that may be available elsewhere, as with we cannot offer any information on their efficacy.

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