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Dr. Hilary Jones

About Dr. Hilary

Dr Hilary Jones is best known for his role as Health Editor at Good Morning Britain, but has been a leading medical expert for many years. He qualified from the Royal Free Hospital medical school in 1976 and has since worked in a number of specialist areas, including health screening, obstetrics and opthamology.

"I've been working as an ambassador for the brand for six years, and can confidently say that The Eye Doctor is a simple, ingenious and reusable solution for a wide range of common eye conditions. Use it regularly and you'll see for yourself, just how effective it really is."

Fact 1

Dr Hilary Jones is a respected GP, TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker

Fact 2

Dr Hilary advocates for the use and effectiveness of The Eye Doctor range

Fact 3

We've been working with Dr Hilary since 2015 to promote eye health and hygiene

Dr. Hilary Videos

Check out our series of helpful, educational videos in conjunction with Dr Hilary.

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