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Eye Doctor products are specifically designed to help you treat a range of common eye complaints and conditions, naturally at home. Expertly designed with eye health in mind.

The Eye Doctor FAQs

What is the difference between the Eye Doctor Premium and Essential?
What do I do if my Click & Go Eye Mask still has crystals after resetting
Can I use the Eye Doctor compress cold?
My eye compress doesn’t get hot enough
Why isn’t the eye compress isn’t helping my dry eye symptoms?
Does the eye compress contain latex?
What do I do if the eye compress doesn’t fit on my head?
How often should I wash my eye compress?
What are the beads inside the eye compress?
Can your eye compresses be heated in a combi microwave?

There are a few differences, which we’ll cover here. 

The first difference is that Eye Doctor Premium will last for a minimum of 365 uses, while Eye Doctor Essential will last for 200 minimum. The second is that Premium can be used in both the microwave and oven, whereas Essential is microwave only. Last but not least, Premium has a washable cover and storage bag, but both do come with some complimentary Eye Doctor Lid Wipes.

If you find that your mask still has crystals after resetting you can attempt to do a ‘hard’ reset by boiling the Gel Pack on its own continuously for approximately ten minutes.

Yes, you can, however, if you choose to use it cold, then we recommend putting the eye compress in a freezer bag and placing it in the freezer, rather than the fridge.

Our eye compress has been designed to heat up to just a couple of degrees past body temperature. It is supposed to be a comfortable warmth, rather than being hot. It can be heated for 30 seconds and another further five seconds if preferred, but no more.

It can take regular use to alleviate your dry eye symptoms. For best results, we recommend that you use the eye compress twice a day, every day for two weeks.

Yes, there are traces of latex within the strap that fastens around the back of your head.

Don’t worry, the straps are a comfort feature and not necessary to achieve effective treatment. If you need an alternative way to use the compress, simply recline your head back and apply the eye compress to your eyes.

We recommend washing your compress at least once a week, but if your dry eye symptoms are more severe, we would recommend washing it more often.

The compress is filled with our self-hydrating BodyBeads®, made of medical grade silica.

Our eye compresses can be heated in a combi microwave as long as the oven/grill element is switched off (please refer to your manufacturers instructions to see if this is possible).

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