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We’re a family-run business, set up in 2012 by Sue Grant and her two sons, Adam and Sam Wymer. The vision of the business was and continues to be to devise, develop and supply innovative solutions that focus on primarily promoting and optimising eye health, but we’ve grown and now include other products too, such as our AB Mask. Backed by science, and supported by experts in the medical field, including Dr Hilary Jones MBE, we want to raise awareness of eyecare, especially eye hygiene and deliver a series of preventative solutions and treatments to common problems. 

We’re very proud to have received the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2016 in the innovation category. Our products are rigorously tested including the BS8433/2004 Personal Warmer test, they are CE certified and have also passed: REACH BSEN 14362-1/2, Pesticides, EN71 Pt 3.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in both education surrounding eye health and supply of innovative, effective products to support eye health. We will work with eye health professionals to raise awareness within the general population of the benefits of performing daily eyelid hygiene, both as a remedial solution to existing conditions and also as a preventative measure. Our industry generally focuses on how to treat occurrences of MGD, Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease. Because lives have changed and we now spend more time than ever in front of screens, there has been a marked increase in prescribed medication for common eye complaints. These factors coupled with an aging population, are all contributors to a variety of eye conditions, so we’re seeing a rapid increase in the number of sufferers. Whilst our products offer a treatment for these conditions, our focus is to educate people on the need for daily eyelid hygiene as routine, to help prevent the symptoms and conditions from arising as we age. Our vision is to have a direct influence on reducing the number of patients around the world.

Our Mission

We are eyelid hygiene specialists. Our hot eye compresses are market leaders in providing innovative, uniquely designed, clinically proven treatments for a range of eye complaints, which we are proud to supply globally. With an aging population around the world, our products, in partnership with the healthcare professionals, provide solutions for the increasing number of patients suffering with a variety of debilitating conditions. We provide a healthy, creative work environment and offer top quality products and educational programmes to Ophthalmologists and eye care retailers.  The Body Doctor was created to offer the best treatment options for MGD, Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease patients, at a cost effective price and lead the way in continual innovation.

Dr Hilary Jones MBE is a GP, TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker.

Dr Hilary Jones qualified from the Royal Free Hospital medical school in 1976 spending two years in postgraduate posts at that hospital in general medicine and surgery, oncology, intensive care and accident and emergency. He has also worked as a Senior House in Ophthalmology before entering General Practice assisting in Glaucoma and Cataract extraction procedures.

Dr Colin Parsloe, Medical Officer in Ophthalmology The Milton Keynes University Hospital.

“I have been researching and managing patients with Dry Eye Disease for many years. I am a member of the Prominent International Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society. I am a keen educator and I have lectured for a number of organisations including Moorfields Eye Hospital, Alcon and Allergan. I have been published in the peer reviewed journal – the British Journal of Ophthalmology. I have taught other Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. I am the founder of a Dry Eye Disease support group for patients offering information and support.”

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