What is an eye care routine and why do you need one?

  • by Jessica Smith

We’re no strangers to the rituals of nightly skincare routines, or taking good care of our hair with conditioner, masks and more, so what about something special to protect, support and nourish our eyes and eye health? Here’s some hints and advice on why looking after your eyes is so important and how you could use a daily eye routine too! 

What can I do to brighten and hydrate my eyes? 

Dry and tired eyes are annoying at best and often painful at worst, so It’s important to understand that there are many common causes for strained, dry, irritated and sore eyes, but these can usually be treated effectively at home. These include: 

  • Allergies such as pollen (hay fever), dust and mould 
  • Blocked glands (Meibomian Gland Disease)
  • Strain from screen time/blue light 

What does an eye care routine do? 

An eye care routine is designed to help tackle blocked glands, which in turn cause irritation and dehydration in the eyes, tiredness, strain and general discomfort. By following a simple routine to heat, cleanse and hydrate the eyes, you can easily care for and get relief from itchy eyes at home. 

What are the steps to an eye care routine? 

Here are three simple steps to happier, brighter, and hydrated eyes: 

  1. Heat - using an Eye Doctor Premium mask, simple heat as per instructions and apply the mask. The heat will gently and effectively help soothe and release blockages in your glands, alleviating dryness and reducing irritation. 
  2. Clean - using Eye Doctor Eyelid Wipes that come with our premium mask, you can carefully remove the oils and debris released by the mask, safely. This helps to reduce the risk of recurring irritation and will leave your eyes refreshed.  
  3. Hydrate - now that your eyes are clean and refreshed, it’s time to hydrate them using our Intensive Relief of Daily Refresh drops, depending on your needs. These are specifically formulated, preservative free and safe to use with contact lenses. 

Following these simple steps will ensure your eyes feel revitalised and itch-free. We have plenty of resources on the causes of dry eyes and common eye conditions to help keep your eyes fresh, hydrated and happy. 

We have also put together some essential eye care routine bundles which are designed to suit your eyes, symptoms and budgets - there's a routine for everyone and each bundle means an amazing saving when compared with buying products individually. 

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