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This week is World Glaucoma Week. There are different types of Glaucoma, but the most common type is an ocular disease caused by regular fluid in the eye that hasn’t drained properly. This built-up fluid creates pressure and damages the optic nerve which can result in sight loss. Glaucoma affects around 80 million people worldwide and approximately 4.5 million people have lost their sight from the condition.


The symptoms for most types of Glaucoma generally go unnoticed until the irreversible stage is reached, which is why it is so important to visit your Optician for a check up every two years, even if you don’t need glasses or contact lenses. Preventative measures for Dry Eye Disease can be taken by incorporating daily eyelid hygiene into your routine. Keeping your eyelids and lashes clean and opening up blocked eyelid glands will help ease the irritation of dry, sore, gritty eyes. 


Dry Eye Disease and Glaucoma frequently occur together. Studies indicate that 50 to 60% of people who are being treated for Glaucoma also have Dry Eye Disease.


The most common causes of Dry Eye with Glaucoma include –

  • Blockage of the Meibomian Glands

  • Increasing age

  • Dry Eye and Glaucoma treatments that aren’t preservative free

  • Medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease 


Like Glaucoma, Dry Eye Disease is chronic but Ophthalmologists have a growing number of effective treatments to manage the condition and improve quality of life. Below are some self-care steps to help you manage Dry Eyes associated with Glaucoma:

  • Maintain oily tear production by following The Eye Doctor’s HEAT + CLEANSE + REVIVE regime that is recommended by Ophthalmologists:
  1. HEAT = Use The Eye Doctor antibacterial hot eye compress to gently melt and release the blocked oils in the Meibomian Glands
  2. CLEANSE = The Eye Doctor biodegradable eyelid wipes will gently remove the oils released by the mask along with any dirt and debris on the lids and lashes, cooling the eye area and keeping skin feeling refreshed
  3. REVIVE = Use The Eye Doctor preservative-free eye drops to hydrate and maintain the eye’s natural moisture barrier. These artificial tears will lubricate and relieve irritation. 
  • Increasing the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids through food supplements or  a balanced diet

  • Taking frequent breaks when using a computer or handheld device and blinking more often

  • Speak to your optician or GP if your symptoms persist


References:; 'Dry Eyes and Glaucoma: Double Trouble'; 'Dry eye' 

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