How The Cold Weather Can Affect Dry Eyes

  • by Kay

As the cold weather draws in, we remember to wrap up warm with extra layers but neglect the most delicate part of our body - our eyes.

Winter temperatures bring back chapped lips, dry skin and exacerbate dry eyes. Here are 5 ways that the harsh conditions can affect your eyes and some effective treatments to soothe your symptoms:

  • Dry air – Our cosy heated living space is where we end up spending most of our time to avoid the bitter temperatures outside. These environments have much less moisture in the air and can quickly intensify dry eye symptoms.
  • Eye colds – We are more vulnerable to the common cold due to the lack of vitamin D which helps to boost our immune system. Common colds can sometimes lead to eye colds, which is a form of conjunctivitis and can affect one or both eyes.
  • Watery eyes - Cold, frosty winds hold less moisture and can cause our eyes to water excessively, desperately trying to replenish lost fluids.
  • Irritation - The blood vessels in and around our eyes can become constricted and lead to red, swollen, sore eyes along with blurry vision and eyelid spasms.
  • Increased screentime – No one wants to be outside during the colder months, so we spend our time in front of our TVs, computers, and handheld devices as much as possible. This means we blink a lot less and our eyes become drier and itchier.

You can combat dry eye symptoms caused by the cold weather with our tips below:

  • Ensure you blink more frequently by taking regular breaks from screens.
  • Try switching to your glasses a bit more if you’re a frequent contact lens wearer. Glasses can also help create a barrier between your eyes and cold dry winds.
  • Using our heated Eye Doctor Eye Compresses or our Eye Doctor Eye Drops can help instantly relieve dry eye symptoms, especially sore, watery eyes.
  • Of course, if your symptoms worsen, it might be time to speak to your GP.


Most importantly, by introducing a daily eyecare regime: heat + cleanse + revive, you can help keep your eyes happy during the bitter months.

  • Heat: Eye Doctor Hot Eye Compress. This helps to alleviate dry eye symptoms by gently melting the clogged oils in the glands, followed by lightly expressing the melted oils from the glands using our eyelid massage procedure.
  • Cleanse: Eye Doctor Lid Wipes. Delicately wipe away the secretions from the eyelids and eyelashes after heating with our detergent and preservative free lid wipes, perfect for daily hygiene.
  • Revive: Eye Doctor Eye Drops. Hydrate your eyes with either the Daily Refresh or Intensive Relief eye drops. These carefully formulated drops are preservative free and a great final step to your daily eyecare routine. These drops are contact lens friendly and the closest thing to a real tear, so they are an excellent companion for on-the-go relief!

Our essential eye care routine bundles have been created to suit your eyes’ needs, from moderate dry eyes to severe persistent dry eyes. There’s something for everyone and you can make a cool saving compared to buying products individually.

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