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After a year apart, we’re welcoming the opportunity to do, see and experience the world again, so whether you’re travelling light for the day, or planning your next adventure, there’s lots of reasons to let ThinOptics Connect ensure you’re taking it all in! 

What are ThinOptics?

ThinOptics are the world’s thinnest, lightest reading glasses. These frames are made using therm-injection moulded, optical-grade polycarbonate. Shatterproof, they boast a Nitinol bridge which is 10x more elastic than spring steel! These incredible materials mean ThinOptics can fold up effortlessly and are small enough to fit on your keys, so you never have to go without! 

Why choose ThinOptics?

We all know that eye health is vital to general health, which is why we should always take the very best care of our vision. We’ve all been there; you’re reading a menu, a signpost, a long-awaited book, but you realise you don’t have your glasses. Perhaps you make do, go without, or worse, you borrow someone else’s. None of these are great options and can lead to eye strain or discomfort. This is why we’re making it even easier to ensure you’re never without your ThinOptics! 

What are ThinOptics Connect? 

Connect makes ThinOptics the most convenient product on the market. Already the lightest and thinnest product of their type, we know that this doesn’t cover off the days when you forget your glasses. But, we all know there’s one thing we never forget in this day and age - our phones! Connect is a slim, lightweight magnetic case that easily attaches onto the back of your phone, so now your full-frame reading glasses are on the one thing you carry most!

How Do ThinOptics Connect Work?

Connect attaches using a magnet held on with double-stick tape to the phone or case. The magnet on the phone attaches to the metal plate in the Connect case which allows it to be removed and put back on easily. ​You can remove the case easily to take a picture if the lens is blocked. Connect fits most smartphones that are at least 5 1/2” in height.

The ThinOptics range is growing all the time and includes keyrings for your glasses, blue light wear lenses and much more.

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