Meet Aden - the inspiration behind the AB Mask

  • by Sam

You might have seen our other post, talking about the popularity of our AB Masks and how they came to be. In this piece we’re talking to the inspiration behind the masks, Production Manager, Aden. As a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer, he challenged us to create a mask that would enable him to safely attend his clinic appointments. 

1. When were you diagnosed with CF?

I was diagnosed aged two, although I was born with it. 

2. How did having CF affect you growing up?

In every way you can imagine; I was very restricted when I was well and wasn’t allowed or couldn’t physically do anything my friends were doing. I often missed school and it was hard explaining to my friends that I had been In hospital for up to two months for something that wasn’t new. I also missed most Halloweens, bonfire nights, birthdays and Christmases due to the winters carrying the highest risk factor for flu and infections. As well as the above and countless treatments, I had to have before, during and after school, Cystic Fibrosis is life limiting and my parents were told from birth that I would not see the age 14. This was hard for them and fortunately for me I got past that milestone and all the others, my current predicted life expectancy age is 36. I personally believe that I will live past this, especially with so many amazing medicines that have been developed. 

3. How do they diagnose someone with CF? 

Cystic fibrosis is determined by the level of sweat you have, to this it’s a very simple device on your wrist that fills up with sweat and that is then tested.

4. Do you think there's enough funding and support for people who have CF?

No, although, in the last few years I have noticed this increasing, but it is still not nearly the level of attention it requires.  

5. What advice do you have for someone who has been diagnosed with CF?

Stay as positive as possible, find something that you’re good at and don’t let being different change who you are. 

6. How has having CF affected you during lockdown? 

I have spent around half of the year inside, and I am lucky that my workplace has adjusted to help me to get back to some normality. I know a lot of people have been refused by their work, when requesting to come back. CF can be extremely depressing and lonely without our 2020/modern day restrictions, so if it wasn’t for my close friends and family who have helped me get through the lockdowns, I think I would’ve been one of the many people who have found themselves suffering with depression. 

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