How The Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops can provide rapid relief for Dry Eyes caused by prolonged screen time.

  • by Chloe

Screen time; sometimes there’s no escaping it. From phones to tablets and smartwatches to TV’s, on average we look at screens for 13 hours a day.


So why is it at an all-time high? Within the last two decades we have seen a huge uplift in the use of digital technology, which has accelerated our exposure to digital screens which is now becoming a growing concern for our health and wellbeing. * Advancements in technology over the years has given us the ability to rely on digital screens for education, shopping, working, entertainment and socialising. This accessibility paired with various covid-19 ‘lockdowns’ since 2020, caused a surge in TV screen time and streaming, which is up by 31% when compared to the year before.


Shockingly, while looking at screens we blink up to 60% less, leaving our eyes feeling sore, dry and gritty. Blinking is a major component in keeping our eyes feeling hydrated and healthy; it brings nutrients to the eyes and keeps them moisturised which prevents dry eyes and reduces the risk of problems with your tear film*. When our blink rate is reduced, eyes can dry out because the tear film isn’t being replenished which can lead to eye pain and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease*.


It is important to keep our eyes lubricated if daily screentime is high, and artificial tears are an efficient, easy way to keep the ocular surface moist. The Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops have been designed to help relieve dry, sore, gritty eyes whilst helping to restore the eyes natural tear film, working to lock in a refreshing, hydrating, moisture barrier. The tear film is replenished by using a natural occurring substance called Sodium Hyaluronate; our Medical Advisor, Andrew Price states:


I always welcome the inclusion of Sodium Hyaluronate in a topical eye drop for ocular surface conditions, it is a tried and tested component over many years, not only in eye drops, but as part of several other general medical condition treatments. It is water absorbing, acting like a sponge to retain tears on the eye’s surface and has been shown to facilitate wound healing and tissue repair.


Featuring 0.3% Sodium Hyaluronate, The Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops give fast long-lasting relief for irritated, burning eyes. The advanced dispensing pump and contact lens friendly solution make the drops easy to use, allowing you to keep your eyes lubricated either at home or on-the-go.


It’s time to DROP your dry eyes.


The Eye Doctor. Trusted by millions, worldwide.

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