The Eye Doctor Premium
The Eye Doctor Premium The Eye Doctor Premium®The Eye Doctor Premium®The Eye Doctor Premium®The Eye Doctor Premium®The Eye Doctor Premium

As Recommended by Dr Hilary Jones

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The Eye Doctor Premium®

The Eye Doctor Premium® treatment pack contains The Eye Doctor hot eye compress and Eyelid Wipes.

The Eye Doctor Premium® hot eye compress features Sterileyes®. Sterileyes® is an antibacterial shield on the compress, clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria tested. The patented solution is bound to the fibres of the fabrics to protect the eyes from potentially harmful bacteria.

The Eye Doctor Premium® hot eye compress helps relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications. Filled with BodyBeads® self-hydrating technology. This product can be used in excess of 365 times (1 year) and can be heated in both the microwave and oven.

BodyBeads® has passed all appropriate independent safety tests for both the microwave and oven. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and is proven to be more resistant to overheating than natural grain*.

The Eye Doctor Premium® is a Registered Class 1 Medical Device with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

How does The Eye Doctor Premium® work?

The Eye Doctor Premium® focuses on heating the eyelids externally. The warmth stimulates the glands to give relief from the tension and irritation of the eyes. There is strong scientific research showing that heating the eyelids to the recommended temperature will help treat the various conditions listed. Click here to see why the Eye Doctor® was chosen as the No. 1 product by both patients and optometrists.

What is in The Eye Doctor Premium® treatment pack?

Your treatment pack includes:

• The Eye Doctor Premium® hot eye compress
• Eyelid Wipes
• A pouch for safe, clean, dry storage
• Comprehensive instruction booklet
• Massage technique procedure

Who recommends The Eye Doctor Premium®?

This product is recommended by numerous professionals and patients including:

Dr Hilary Jones - TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker
Dr Colin Parsloe - Speciality Doctor in Ophthalmology The Milton Keynes University Hospital

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  • Features Sterileyes® - An antibacterial shield
  • Reusable + 365 times
  • Includes Eyelid Wipes
  • Adjustable comfort strap
  • Pouch for safe, clean, dry storage
  • Hygienic removable, washable cover
  • Safety tested for oven & microwave use
  • Revolutionary new BodyBeads® self - hydrating fill
  • Two Toned high quality materials
  • Produced in the UK.

  • MGD (Blepharitis)

  • Dry Eye Disease

  • Chalazion (Eyelid Cysts)

  • And associated symptoms:

  • Grittiness

  • Irritation

  • Sore Eyes