What is Sterileyes®

Sterileyes® is an antibacterial shield that is bound to the fibres of the fabric on our compresses and is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. The patented solution protects eyes from potentially harmful bacteria whilst also providing stain protection, extended product life and eliminating germs that synthesize fats and lipids which create odour.

Why do I need Sterileyes®

Contrary to popular belief, under normal operating instructions, not all bacteria on masks are killed in the microwave. Compresses without Sterileyes® protection may be contaminate with bacteria prior to be used, at the time of purchase. We submitted several commercially available compresses to assess if they have any antibacterial properties.

The results of one sample, was not readable due to the very high count of pre-existing bacteria on the product. After following the manufacturer's microwave heating instructions, the bacteria were measured. It was concluded that microwaving resulted in marginal antibacterial activity with very significant levels on the test organism remaining.

Compresses without Sterileyes®
The manufacturer of one commercially available mask advises heating the compress for 1 minute prior to first use. Unfortunately, when tested, microwaving prior to use has a limited effect on reducing the number of bacteria present on the compress.

When killing some, the remaining micro-organisms are at an eye-wateringly high number which, without Sterileyes®, may continue to multiply. In ideal conditions and without Sterileyes®, bacterial numbers can double over a 20 minute period.

What the professionals say:

Dr Hilary Jones, Medical Broadcaster, GP "With any healthcare products applied to the skin, especially over the eyes and face, there is always the danger of bacterial cross-contamination".

Dr Colin Parsloe, Ophthalmologist "Sterileyes® is a breakthrough product and introduces a new paradigm shift we all must make in managing our dry eye patients".