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Dr Hilary Jones, GP, TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker

"The Eye Doctor is a simple and effective, reusable solution in treating a wide range of eye conditions."

Dr Colin Parsloe, Medical Officer Ophthalmology, The Milton Keynes University Hospital

“In my opinion The Eye Doctor is the best quality eye mask on the market. Not only do I love it for my eyes, but it appears to be my patient’s first choice microwavable hot compress.”

“Personally as a Dry Eye Disease sufferer I love the high quality and comfort of the Eye Doctor. As someone treating Dry Eye Disease I am wowed by my patient’s feedback on the quality workmanship and how important it is for them to be able to wash their Eye Doctor eye mask - especially in the summer heat!”

Customer Reviews

Ms Sandeep Dhillon - Optometrist

'A lot of what I have seen on the market doesn't look as professional and feel as nice as your products. The strap and the fact it's washable is a huge plus. I shall definitely be recommending it!'


" I am very impressed with the Eye Doctor mask I purchased. I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and received it on Monday, that was quite fast considering that it was literally the weekend. I have started using it and I am convinced it is just what I need. I feel better and relieved already. Thank you to the Body Doctor Team."

Linda Kelly, Theatre Manager Face & Eye Clinic

'I trialled the Ice doctor and it’s amazing.'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'After trying a number of different options, this was ultimately the one that worked the most effectively. It is strongly recommended.'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'I find this to be comfortable, soothing and very effective for my dry eye/blepharitis problems. My eyes have definitely felt a lot better and less gritty and irritated since using this twice a day for about 10 minutes and then wiping my eyelids with Optrex eye lotion. Much better than messing about with damp flannels that don’t stay hot. Also nice and relaxing to use in bed at the end of the day, and also for headaches. It should last about 5 months before needing to be replaced, which is pretty good value. I wouldn’t want to be without this now. I’d recommend it to everyone with eye problems of this nature.'

Kirstine Cullum, Body Doctor Customer
'I found this the best product I've tried for my dry eye problem. It is much easier than using warm flannels and the website was easy to use with fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'I have used this product every day for the past few weeks. It’s comfortable to wear, very soothing, and easy to use.'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'It has really made my eyes look and feel lots better. Would recommend this item to all my family and friends.'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'I find this to be comfortable, soothing and very effective for my dry eye/blepharitis problems. My eyes have definitely felt a lot better and less gritty and irritated since using this twice a day for about 10 minutes and then wiping my eyelids with Optrex eye lotion. Much better than messing about with damp flannels that don't stay hot. Also nice and relaxing to use in bed at the end of the day, and also for headaches.'

'I wouldn't want to be without this now. I'd recommend it to everyone with eye problems of this nature. '

5/5 Amazon Customer

'I find this product to be perfect for the reason I bought it. It really works well and gives me relief for my eyes'

5/5 Amazon Customer

'Using the eye doctor eyebag has really improved the appearance of my eyelids. They look less red and are not watering as much as previously.and therefore has improved my confidence in my appearance.'

Victoria Health Customer

'Where the hell have the bags under my eyes gone??!! I keep staring in the rear view mirror on the school run in disbelief. If you hear of an accident on the A6 near Bakewell, it's probably me. That Eye Doctor mask is something else'

Case Studies


Name: Amelia - As seen in the Daily Express Newspaper 17th May 2016
Age: 30
Town: London
Occupation: Account Director at a marketing agency
Marital status? Not married
Children / ages of children? N/A


How long have you suffered from dry eye disease (DED)?
A long time! I studied English at University and noticed then that my symptoms getting worse due to the nature of the work. This was about 12 years ago.

What are your symptoms? (Describe the journey experiencing symptoms up to the final diagnosis of DED)
My symptoms started with heavy, tired eyes. I found them quite sensitive to light from my computer screen and it made computer work and reading difficult. I put it down to my university lifestyle and not enough sleep, but over time it got worse. I visited the opticians who suggested it might be an allergy, so I started taking antihistamines daily. Once I started full time work, my eyes really felt the strain of 8 hours in front of a computer screen. They would water, almost constantly and they would itch which would drive me crazy! I put up with this until last year when I went back to the opticians describing my symptoms. She prescribed artificial tears, which I have used almost daily since.

How long did it take you to be diagnosed?
9 years

How does DED affect daily life? (Describe situations where it is difficult to focus / concentrate / work / live / attend social occasions – if you can be as full as possible to really describe what it is like living with the symptoms and how it affects normal daily life, I’d be grateful)
DED affects me significantly, from how long I can work at my computer, to going to sleep at night. Artificial tears apply some relief during the working day, at the expense of my appearance and showing off my panda eyes! However, it's not a practical solution. So, on a night out for example, I find I can't wear the eye make-up I want as my eyes are too sensitive to have anything around them. They will just water and itch. Going to bed at night, I hoped this would give me relief but I find myself concentrating on the irritation and I can feel the every movement of my eyes.

Is there anything in particular DED has stopped you from doing / enjoying?
Make-up, as mentioned above.

Were friends and family, employers sympathetic or did they think it was all in your mind / not take the condition seriously?
I don't think anyone is really aware of DED and how debilitating it can be. In my experience most people are quite dismissive. I find it easier to say I have an allergy.

Has DED affected your appearance? (Describe if yes)
Yes. Apart from the make-up issues from my eyes watering, they are often red and look quite sore.

Has DED affected your confidence as a result? (Describe how if yes)
Yes. Paranoid about my appearance at meetings / meeting new people due to lack of eye make up and paranoid about people noticing/ standing out if they are red and sore?

What treatments have you tried? And did they work?
Artificial tears. They work in the short term for instant relief.

What treatment (s) do you currently use and how often?
Artificial tears first thing in the morning
Eye Doctor mask at bedtime

Where did you hear about Eye Doctor? And where did you buy it from?

How do you find using the Eye Doctor? And what do you like about it as a treatment?
The Eye Doctor is such a great product. I don't regard it a treatment, more like a personal pampering session. It takes seconds to heat up and feels so soothing on your eyes. For me, it's a 10 minute relaxation ritual before bed that helps me sleep like a baby, and helps relieve my DED in the process.

How regularly do you use the Eye Doctor?
I try and use it every night, purely because I love it so much. If not, at least 4 times a week.

Would you recommend Eye Doctor to anyone else?
100%. Even if you don't suffer from DED, I believe anyone can benefit from using it. I feel like it completely resets my eyes from the strain of city pollution and the office environment.

Will you continue to use Eye Doctor?

What can you do now that perhaps you had stopped due to DED?
My eye drop use has almost completely stopped and I feel free to wear eye make up during the day.

Lynda - As seen in the Daily Mail Newspaper 30th March 2017
Homeopath & EFT Practitioner
Divorced with two sons aged 42 and 39

Lynda was diagnosed with dry eye disease in 2011. She knew she had some symptoms associated with blepharitis but the dryness in her eyes became much worse in 2015.

“My eyes had become very painful and photosensitive and so I went to see an eye consultant who told me that my eyes were severely affected by dry eye, and recommended hourly eye drops to prevent corneal abrasion. When the dryness is bad, it feels as though I have sand in them. The worst time is on waking in the morning as my eyelids become stuck and I need to use the eye drops immediately for relief.

Lynda copes with the daily eye drops and has had to adopt different behaviours to suit her surroundings and lifestyle. “Socially, you have to adapt to different environments. For example, all air-conditioning hurts as it dries out my eyes which makes aeroplanes and hotels particularly bad news,” she explains. “I have to wear wrap around glasses to shield my eyes from the wind, the sun, bright lights and any dry air. I even wear antiglare glasses to watch TV and my viewing time is highly curtailed. Even the light emanating from iPads and mobile phones are also very damaging for me.

“In a restaurant, I always have to choose seats that don't face the light. Dust and pollen are also a nightmare as they cause itching eyes too. My eyelids swell and can become in?amed. But antihistamines are a double-edged sword as they can help with the histamine production but the down side is they create more dryness! I feel as though I cannot keep my eyes open - the lids become very heavy.

No-one is particularly sympathetic and I think they just see my eye issues as a side effect of getting old. It doesn’t do your confidence any good either as eye makeup should not be used at all, and so I’m less likely to go out socially if my eyes are painful. It’s not very glamourous going about life with red inflamed eyes and eyelids because of dry eye!”

Lynda has tried different forms of eye drops and finds preservative free eye drops do help. “I couldn't live without them but they quickly drain away which is why one must continually use them. I've also had puctal plugs put in my eyes which close up the tear ducts so liquid doesn't drain away but, unfortunately, my plugs are prone to falling out and so it can be quite a performance.

“I had used a hot compress for my blepharitis symptoms many years ago but not in recent years. On researching remedies to relieve my dry eye problem, I discovered The Eye Doctor which looked like a far superior product to my original, and so I bought one.

“I have been using the Eye Doctor for ten minutes once or twice a day for over a month now and it has really made a difference to my life. I ?nd using the compress very empowering as I feel I'm now able to do something to help myself to lessen the misery of living with dry eye. This process is without any side effects and helps the body to heal itself. It also helps relaxation which is always healing in itself. Every day I utilise those ten minutes to relax and even meditate; it is a very healing practice to do once or twice a day.

“Since using the Eye Doctor, I have found that I can watch more TV and read for longer, particularly at night. I’ve even managed to wear some mascara! My eyes just feel so much more comfortable. I would recommend The Eye Doctor to anyone with dry eyes and I will continue to use it every day.