The Body Doctor meets Her Majesty The Queen at the Palace

The Body Doctor meets Her Majesty The Queen at the Palace

In April 2016, we received the amazing news that we had won a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The Queens award is the UK's highest accolade for business success. As part of this prestigious award, we were invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace in July - and what an experience it was!

After walking through the gates of the palace and up the red carpeted stairs, we were notified that we were part of a select few to have a private audience with her majesty. An exciting whilst nerve wracking surprise.

After formally greeting The Queen, we enjoyed quite a surreal 5 minute conversation, as she congratulated us on winning the award along with discussing our individual involvement within the company. She particularly enjoyed the fact that we are a family business and the hearing about the new opportunities that winning the award has presented to us.

We then met other royals including: The Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Gloucester, Duke of Kent and Princess Eugenie of York.

Before we knew it the 2 hour reception was drawing to a close and the once in a life time experience was over. Understandably no photos were allowed to be taken inside the palace, but we were allowed to take a few inside the grounds :)

We feel extremely lucky and privileged for this experience and would like to thank The Queens award for the opportunity, and of course her majesty The Queen for welcoming us into her (very large) home.