The Eye Doctor Essential® FAQ's

The Eye Doctor Essential® FAQ's

A copy of The Eye Doctor Essential® instruction booklet can be found via the PDF link below. This contains all of the information you need to use your eye compress.

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How do I heat The Eye Doctor Essential®?
Lay the eye compress flat in a clean microwavable dish and heat for approximately 25 seconds.

How often should I use The Eye Doctor Essential®?
Most patients should benefit from applying The Eye Doctor Essential® and performing eyelid massage twice a day for two weeks. This can be reduced to once a day, and then a couple of times a week as required, once symptoms have been alleviated.

How do I wash The Eye Doctor Essential®?
If required, wipe The Eye Doctor Essential® with a damp cloth and leave to air dry. then use as normal.

When should I replace The Eye Doctor Essential®?
Many of our competitors recommend to replace your hot eye compress over a specific time period. However, due to patient usage requirements, we recommend that you replace your Eye Doctor Essential® when the heat is no longer retained effectively.