The Ice Doctor FAQ's

The Ice Doctor FAQ's

A copy of The Ice Doctor® instruction booklet can be found via the PDF link below. This contains all of the information you need to use your Ice Doctor®.

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How do I cool The Ice Doctor®?
Leave The Ice Doctor® in the bag provided and place in the freezer for at least two hours.

How do I store The Ice Doctor®?
Always store The Ice Doctor® in the freezer in the bag provided.

Which side of The Ice Doctor® do I use?
The Ice Doctor® is designed so that the non-printed side rests on your face.

Will The Ice Doctor® freeze solid?
The Ice Doctor® will not freeze solid. It will still remain plyable to fit to the contours of your face.

How do I wash The Ice Doctor®?
If required, wipe The Ice Doctor® with a damp cloth and leave to air dry. then use as normal.