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Eye Health Week
The Eye Doctorฎ was the first product in our range. This product has been hugely popular due to its reviews from customers and Eye experts alike. It has been designed to treat the symptoms of

• MGD (Blepharitis)
• Chalazion (Eyelid Cysts)
• Blurred Vision & sensitivity to light
• Red Eyes (Bloodshot)
• Dry Eye Disease
• Grittiness & Irritation
• Inflamed, painful and sore eyes
• Puffy Eyes


• A removable, washable cover
• Excellent quality materials to reduce abrasion against sensitive skin
• An adjustable strap for personal comfort
• A pouch for safe, clean, dry storage
• A special 3 grain mix for prolonged heat retention and excellent fit around the eyes
• Reusable and cost effective

The Body Doctor is passionate about Eye health and recommend that people visit the Vision Matters website to find out more about Eye Health Week and what you can do to protect your eyes.
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